Officialized Figma nerd.

Figma is a great design tool for designers and developers, but creating a optimized design system with a robust component architecture requires a lot of trial an error.

The ideal position is to have a platform understanding, and a design library that is intuitive that enables designers to produce content consistently and promtly.

I help design departments on exactly that, I help create a system and ways of working so that they are able to work on content independently and cooherently with their team.

Just send me an email or connect on any of my social media.

  • Oda
  • Julia Tavridou • Design Lead

    Stieve held a short introduction course for us about auto-layout in Figma, a powerful but demanding tool. I was really impressed with how talented Stieve was to explain and translate concepts in an easy and understandable manner.

    I got a solid understanding of auto-layout and additionally a lot of great tips on how I can structure and organize my workflow better and more efficiently in Figma.

  • Tise
  • Ivy Fergunson • Designer

    ...when I started in a new company, I asked Stieve once again for guidance while setting up our design system. Stieve took the time to better explain how to use variants, auto-layout and more to create a scaleable design system and the 1:1 help specific to our use case and opportunity to ask questions gave me and my team a lot more than a video would have.

    Thank you as always Stieve!