Hi there! I'm Stieve Hansen, a Design consultant based in Oslo, Norway, and currently working for Shortcut.

designing impactful things.

  • 2019
  • Project "connected"

    Design Lead • 2019 contents under NDA
    • research
    • definition
    • idea generation
    • concept validation

    Project "connected" is a new service provider which aims to create a smarter solution on their service.

    We created a solution that creates behaviour prediction, smart suggestions and remote control over the service. I conducted research, product conceptualizing and prototyping.

  • Closer

    Co-founder • 2019
    • private
    • conceptualization

    Closer is a concept for an app which the main goal was to get friends that were close, closer.

    The only way to add friends is that it required a physical presence thus ensuring that you only added people that you really had contact with.

  • Shortcut Global

    Culture Design Lead • 2019
    • recruitment
    • onboarding
    • client integration

    Shortcut has expansion plans as part of their strategy, Denamrk being one of the countries. A global team was created which I was part of.

    I introduced proper design processes, client integration on work methods and recruitment.

  • Toyota & Lexus • Kinto

    App Design Consultant • 2019
    • design direction
    • mentoring
    • consultancy

    Kinto is a vehicle mobility subscription service by Toyota and Lexus.

    My role was to supervise and advice the direction of the iOS app that was being designed by Bleed and built by us.

  • Nowux

    Founder • 2019
    • private
    • conceptualization
    • business strategy
    • implementation

    Nowux is an app for conducting user testing and converting them into insight, agnostic to where the prototype is, it can run interviews or tests from any platform.

  • Vipps

    Senior Designer & Android specialist • 2018-19
    • research
    • idea generation
    • definition
    • prototype
    • testing
    • implementation

    Vipps payments made simple.

    I helped improve the current app and implement new features, such as integration for kids, simplifying the search for users/stores process, raise the chat actions into a toolbar, and foster innovation for smarter economy amongst others activities.

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  • 2018
  • Posten

    Lead Mobile Designer • 2018
    • UX
    • UI
    • service mapping

    Posten wanted to update their tracking app, I was there to ensure that we could create an MVP to gather insights and then build with continous delivery.

  • Sunblock

    Design Lead • 2018
    • private
    • user interface
    • user experience

    A friend wanted to build an app that calculates how long you can expose yourself to the sun without getting sunburned.

    I helped with defining user experience and then designed the interface.

  • Gjensidige

    Lead Mobile Designer • 2017-18
    • user experience
    • user interaction

    Gjensidige wanted to move all of their services into one app.

    We redesigned the whole app, created new forms of presenting insurance contents, created a offline mode for traveling insurances when abroad and a retirement calculator.

  • 2017
  • REMA 1000

    Senior Designer • 2017
    • user experience
    • user interaction

    I helped with the release and improvement of Æ and also worked with the conceptualization of new features.

  • Securitas

    Lead Mobile Designer • 2017
    • user experience
    • user interaction

    Securitas needed to create a smart tool that would help them assess a location and create a smart report that evaluated risks and opportunities and provided an appropriate solution.

    For the user experience I connected with Securitas Europe, conducted 1-1 interviews and planned and created the user interface for the iPad.